Yoga Nidra for a Good Night Sleep

This 22 minute sleep nidra is specially designed to not wake you up at the end, so you can continue to sleep after the practice. It was developed by Nirlipta as a result of his personal experience in the field of sleep: as a yoga nidra teacher, as a hypnotherapist, and as an ex-insomniac who cured his own condition using a synthesis of these techniques.

A word of warning: this practice begins with the drumming of a damaru. You can learn more about this traditional way of commencing spiritual practice here.

Attention returning visitors: Nirlipta has uploaded a new sleep nidra here!

If you like using yoga nidra to help you sleep then you may be interested in our new, 8 hour online course: Sleep Well with Total Yoga Nidra. This course provides those suffering from insomnia with an understanding of how sleep works and of how to sleep well, as well as the basics they need to apply yoga nidra therapeutically to their condition. It consists of six written lectures and nine specially recorded yoga nidra practices, as well as investigations for you to do into your own sleep habits, enquiries for you to reflect upon and suggestions for further reading.