Living Earth Wild Nidra (rooted and enraptured)

This 22 minute practice is a naturally arising experience of 'wild nidra' that occurred at Hawkwood College, in the beautiful Stroud Valleys in the South Cotswolds. It's a sunny February morning, on the last day of a Womb Wisdom retreat led by myself and Alexandra Pope. There are twenty-four women in the room, and a number of birds singing outside. Just before everyone laid down in the warm sunny hall to do the yoga nidra, we had all been out dancing barefoot together on the cool grass, and many had taken the opportunity to stretch out, face down in the grass, and to feel the coolness of the earth beneath, and the newly arrived heat and brightness of the sun shining on our backs. All morning a thick mist had filled the valley, and just before this moment, the mist had lifted and warm bright sun shone down out of a clear blue sky and all the birds sang. We felt delighted to be alive: rooted and enraptured. The words which arrived for the yoga nidra carry the feeling of this. I hope you are nourished by this earthed nidra, truly rooted in a very special place and time. Om Parashaktyai Namaha X Uma