How do I make an mp3

For example you have a recording that you wish to upload to your profile, but you don't know what an mp3 is?

An mp3 is a format on which sound is recorded, just like tape, vynil, cd, and so on... an mp3 is just like one of those, but a file that exists on your computer, or other device. If your file is not an mp3 it's a different fomat of audio recording, in which case you'll need to convert it. There are many free mp3 converters out there... but lots of us already have on on our computers.. it's called iTunes:

  • First go to iTunes preferences (or Edit->preferences)-> then Import settings, set it on "good quality"
  • then select your file in the Music library (drag and drop it into there first if it's not already in there!)
  • go to advanced->create mp3 version (a new version will be created in your library, right next to the origional veresion you had already selected.)
  • now select the new file, but this time ctrl-click or right click on it, and in the pop up menu choose "show in finder" (or something like that on a PC)
  • the file shown is the mp3 file you need to upload the website.... you may want to drag it to your desktop for easy locating.