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Saturday 20th November, 2pm - 330pm (UK time) This is an ongoing monthly gathering of Total Yoga Nidra Open Circles. You are welcome to join any month you choose. Teachers from all Yoga Nidra Lineages are very welcome. This open circle is for discussion and exploration of the ethical responsibilities of yoga nidra teachers (also open to all yoga nidra teachers and to trainees on the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Facilitator Training).

This is an ongoing montlhy gathering of Total Yoga Nidra Open Circles. You are welcome to join any month you choose. Teachers from all Yoga Nidra Lineages are very welcome.

This is a space for a consideration of online offerings and the issues within this in of Ethical Guidelines for sharing yoga nidra (also open to all yoga nidra teachers and to trainees on the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Facilitator Training.

There will be opportunities to bring your own questions to Uma and Nirlipta.

Please organise a place where you can lie down to practice yoga nidra and still be visible to Uma and Nirlipta. This means set up your phone, tablet or computer so that the camera can see you even when you lie down to practice yoga nidra, side on, from the head to the pelvis.

All attending this circle are required to read our The Operating Ethics here:

The point of this circle is to discuss the contents of the statement, to reflect upon what it means for you in your teaching and practice. SO PLEASE come to the circle, but ONLY if you have had time to read  the short version of the Ethical Call to Honour the Integrity of Yoga Nidra Practice and Sharing which is available to download at the bottom of the Operating Ethics Statement.

We also have made a video presentation that we invite you to view

Please also read our Statement In Defence of the Practice of Yoga Nidrā: 
A joint declaration of independence for Yoga Nidrā Shakti by Nirlipta Tuli CIAYT MA, Co-Founder of the Yoga Nidra Network, and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli CIAYT PhD, Founder of the Yoni Shakti the Movement Campaign to eradicate the abuse of women in yoga and Co-Founder of the Yoga Nidra Network. This purpose of this statement is to inform, educate and reassure. Our intention is to support and uplift practitioners and facilitators of all forms and methods of yoga nidrā worldwide, whilst calling to account all the organisations which promote this practice. We offer our perspective on the current context of yoga nidrā teaching, including a summary of recent and historic abuses in all major yoga nidrā organisations. We also reveal, in brief, some neglected and hidden histories of yoga nidrā, in order to provide a broader, more nuanced and complete context of understanding of this diverse and ancient practice. Please read this statement HERE

Our Open Circle is our invitation to you to enter into discussion with us about these statements, so it only works if everyone in the circle has actually read the statement!
See you in the circle lovelies,  Uma and Nirlipta.   


All times are for the UK. If you need to check what time this is for you locally then you can do this here:

2pm Arrivals and welcome, sound check and orientation to the webinar,

215pm Total Yoga Nidra Practice of Welcome and Connection.
Welcome and Settling 
Intention and rotation 
Opposites and visualisation 
Breath, body and floor, Externalisations 
FINISH and orientation to outside connection 
230pm  Questions from participants - Ethical Guidelines for sharing yoga nidra: an open circle for discussion and exploration.
330pm Good byes

Please note that audio and video content from our online events will not be recorded and shared.  It is a breach of data protection regulations to share recorded events without the permission of all participants.
Audio recordings of the practices for each online event will be shared with participants via Yoga Nidra Network groups.
In order to access the recordings of the practices you will need to create an account on the YNN site, and you will receive email instructions about how to access the recording after the event

November 20th, 2021 2:00 PM through  3:30 PM
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